GraphQL eats REST

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As a web developer it's a strange curse to be afflicted with. The curse that every year at least some new technology in the JavaScript ecosystem gets replaced by something new, sometimes better and this time it was not even a framework - it was a specification. And look how the mighty have fallen.

There is no REST for APIs except to buried in documentation because NOW the glorious age of GraphQL is upon us! Here are my top 3 reasons why GraphQL eats REST:

  1. No more API versions
  2. A type system
  3. More economical with data

I know if you're like me, you might already be pursuing, busy and tired of the constant change in our technology choices. I didn't set out to adopt GraphQL. All I wanted to do was create a new blog and then Gatsby showed up using GraphQL as a data handling layer. Anyway, it's fun learning new things but what I really want is mastery.